Baskets, Boxes, Spice Racks

   This is a wicker basket used for storage. It is perfect for kitchen storage or laundry storage, useful in every room of the house! You can store dish towels or extra kitchen supplies here and tuck it away in a cupboard or pantry.$14.99
   This chic spice rack is sleek in design, and holds up to 16 different spice containers! The rack comes with the containers… you just have to fill them up with your favorite spices!$9.99
   This spice rack is made of wood, and has an interesting interlocking design when all the containers are in use. This rack holds up to 16 spices. With the spices laying sideways, the label is clearly and conveniently visible.$7.50
   This functional set of 2 metal storage containers can be used for storing recipe cards, cutlery, baking or bulk ingredients and more! It comes in green (pictured) as well as silver or shiny black.$19.99
   This is a set of many containers of varying sizes, perfect for storing almost anything! You can store everything from bulk products to recipes to heavy kitchen equipment such as bread makers or blenders if you don’t use them often enough to keep them out.$29.99