Blenders and Electric Mixers

This is a blender. It can be used to combine foods, and is also very often used to combine drinks. It can be used to replace a food processor,                                                          combining things such as sauce and dip, and also to prepare cold drinks such as milkshakes and smoothies. This blender features a removable “cup”, 3 speed settings and several other settings, including “blend”, “pulse”, and “crush”. This blender is sophisticated enough for the experienced chef, and is intuitive and functional to suit a beginner chef as well.  

This is an electric (plug-in) mixer. It is excellent for whipping and quickly combining ingredients. It is often used in baking, to combine cookie dough or cake batter, or to whip cream. It features a simple, functional design with three speed settings. This product is available for purchase in white (pictured) as well as black and dark red.