Cake Pans

 This is a 9×13 rectangular cake pan. This type of pan is most often used to bake brownies or dessert squares. This Farberware pan is excellent for these uses with its sturdy bottom, smooth interior and high-ridged sides. Just add butter or cooking spray to the pan before adding the batter to ensure easy clean-up. This pan is a great investment for any skill level! $4.50.


This is a round cake pan, measuring 2 inches deep and 10 inches around. With the addition of parchment paper, this pan bakes birthday cake-style pastries to perfection! This pan style is very popular with traditional cakes, and makes a great investment for any baker! $4.50.


 This is a Bundt pan, traditionally used to bake Bundt cakes. However, the interesting design makes this pan a choice for other cakes as well, including cinnamon swirl cake or even a simple cake. $5.25